Saturday, February 16, 2013

Empty Nest

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook you know we got a placement about two weeks ago. Twin girls, 17 months, absolutely precious! We got a call for them back in November but their mom decided not to place (we work with an agency that only accepts voluntary placements). Well, when we got a call a couple weeks ago for twin girls, we figured they were the same ones....they were. We were SO excited!...and totally nervous.

We picked them up February 1st. One twin is outgoing, loud, and sassy (we'll call her Ms. Sassy). The other is shy, laid-back, and loves to be held (we'll call her Ms. Cuddles). They are both beautiful and so much fun! Twins are a handful in the best way possible!! :)

I'm working now as a toddler teacher at a local child development center (I posted about that on my personal blog but haven't talked about it here). Thankfully there were openings for them at the same school and I was able to be in their class most days.

Here they are on their first day of school giving each other a hug.
Cuteness overload, right?

With daycare comes sickness, of course. They both had runny noses a week ago Friday but had a weekend visit with mom so I'm not sure how the weekend was. We picked them back up on Sunday and they both had fevers and runny noses so we all stayed home from school on Monday. Their fevers broke in the night and they seemed on the mend besides runny noses so we all went back to school Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday night I posted this picture and asked for prayers for Ms. Cuddles because her fever was high (103.4).

After Motrin, a lukewarm bath, and Tylenol, we headed to the ER when her fever spiked to 104.2. I checked Ms. Sassy before we left who was already sleeping but she wasn't warm so we left her home. Thankfully my brother was able to come stay with her. Our caseworker and the girls mom joined us in the ER after a couple of hours. By the time we went back her fever was up to 104.8 and she was working hard to breathe. Long story short, she was admitted with pneumonia and had a two night hospital stay. Her mom was able to stay with her...which I'm sure was comforting for them both.

In the mean time, we came home that first night and I checked Ms. Sassy who had a fever of 103.7...gave her Motrin and her fever was gone within an hour. She woke up fever-free and as playful and loud as ever around 7:30. Around 10 she started feeling warm and slowing down, I took her temp a little later and it was already up to 104.2. I called her pediatrician who said take her the off we went again. They were able to get her fever down pretty fast and we left after some tests with just an ear infection and some antibiotics.

Needless to say, we had some exhausting couple of days this week!

There was talk of another weekend visit but we weren't sure it would happen because our CW was pushing for it not to after the days we had. Friday morning I get a call from our CW who asks if I can pick them up once Ms. Cuddles is released from the hospital....and then tells me that their mom has decided to take them out of foster care so it won't just be a weekend visit, they're going home for good. So within a couple hours I have all their stuff packed and I'm picking up mom and Ms. Cuddles from the hospital and I drive them all home and say goodbye. What?!

We knew they would be going home...eventually. They have a wonderful mother who loves them very much and I am so thankful for that but the abrupt way they left has been surprisingly emotional for me. Mothering sick babies is draining by itself and I know part of it is just that I'm exhausted from the past few days, but I really wasn't ready for them to leave yet. *sigh*

Please pray for the girls and their mom...that she will do what she needs to do for all of them and that the girls will heal quickly. And pray for me as I continue to process the past few days.