Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Comments

I added Disqus to this blog so any previous comments have been deleted :( Sad to not have them anymore but I like Disqus for comments better. :/

Friday, January 6, 2012

Our Homestudy Visit

Welp, yesterday was the big day! Our caseworker came for our home walk-through, interviews and to go over the safety check-list. We had time and she had time so we did the whole interview process yesterday (I think...?). We did our couple and our individual interviews. We filled out more (very intimate/personal) questionnaires and told her our life stories. She walked through our home and answered lots of questions I had about stuff. She is really laid back and cool so we were not nervous at all (except for the few minutes before she got here)! I'm glad we got someone who is comfortable to talk to and be around. I think she'll be great to work with.

From here we have some more forms and paperwork to fill out, get some copies of documents, etc. and then we enter another waiting time. She'll write up a review of our homestudy/us and her colleagues will read that and kinda "approve" us (they'll bring anything of concern/question to her and she'll clear things up with us), THEN it will go on to getting approved by the board or directors (not sure who actually does that) which will mean we'll be licensed...but that meeting only happens once a month and I'm not sure when. :/

We're hoping to have all of our stuff turned in by next Tuesday and then we'll just wait for their side to finish up to know whether we get licensed or not. I'm guessing it might be the end of this month or the beginning of next month when all that happens (I least I hope it's that soon!). THEN we wait for a placement for who knows how long! :) 

Thanks for all the love and prayers!