Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Moving Forward...

Wanted to give a quick update with where we are in both our foster and fertility journeys:

Foster care: I've been in contact with a DCS supervisor and she is looking over all of our old trainings and paperwork to get an idea of where we need to start with our re-licensing process. We're really hoping we don't have to start ALL over and some of it will carry over. We will probably have to do another home study since we moved from our last place that got approved. I'm not looking forward to having to get our little house foster care ready for just the last two months of our lease but will do it if I have to (we are planning a move mid/end of February). We know we'll have some trainings to do to get up to date again, just not sure which ones. We're hoping to hear back from them later this week.

Fertility: I've been doing a LOT of research over the past few days and even though we'd love to do the procedure that's new to the U.S., it's just not the best choice for us cost-wise. Although we like our current clinic and doctor ok (I've got some issues with how they do stuff, that's a whole other blog post though), we've decided to pursue IVF at an amazing clinic in Syracuse, New York. Even traveling there, the total cost will be around half of what we'd pay here. It's still very expensive but there are some added benefits with how they do things there that make it worth it. I set up a phone consult today for Jan 30th with the main doctor and founder of the clinic. He's an amazing man who has made it his goal to make infertility treatments affordable for everyone. His IVF costs are literally thousands of dollars less than what other clinics charge. He also is very into natural ways to help infertility (diets, supplements, Chinese medicine and practices to help with stress, etc.). Anyway, we're looking forward to talking to him and working with him after this cycle. I am finally starting to get a little more hopeful and excited about this new IVF journey. It's been a hard pill for me to swallow but I'm coming around.

Please be praying for us as we move forward in both of these areas. There are also some unspoken/typed things going on that we'd love prayers and good thoughts about too...2017 is looking like it might be a pretty great year for us! Thank you for continuing to walk life along side us.