Friday, May 18, 2012

Double Lines

It's been an anxious, yet peaceful, month...can those two feelings co-exists? It is the month where we should get a letter telling us we're approved to be foster parents (...or not). I don't know why I'm nervous...we're pretty good people and I would approve us :) but I guess just having to wait for something that we really want is hard. Especially when other people hold the power to tell us no. It's kinda like holding a pregnancy test...except we've been waiting way past 2mins....we just want to see those double lines! :)
We wait in peace though. God knows our hearts, He knows the children needing love and care, and when the time is right He will bring us all together. We are at peace knowing that He is the one controlling the timing and way all of this is playing out. He knows the kids that need us and He knows the ones that will shape us for His glory. And so we will continue to wait...