The Littles

I call our foster children our Littles here on my blog. They will be named and listed in order of arrival.

Little1 - 18months, loves books, puzzles, being outside, and balls. Laid back and easy. Loves to wear hats and changes shoes as many times as I'll let him. We picked him up August 17 and he went home Oct 2.

Ms Sassy - 16months, is full of life and fun, loves playing with her sister and us, always laughing. We picked her and her twin sister up early February and they returned home two weeks later.

Ms Cuddles - 16months, loves to cuddle and play with dolls and quite toys, she is very motherly with her twin sister and is sweet natured.

Ms Sassy & Ms Cuddles - 2.5yrs, almost a year to the day we got another call for the twins. They were older but their personalities the same. :) They stayed for two weeks again.

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