Our Timeline

Foster/Adopt Timeline

-September 22, 2011
Started our PATH training (Parents As Tender Healers). Had one orientation/introduction class and four training classes over the next four weeks.
-October 27, 2011 
Medication administration class
-November 10, 2011 
First aid and CPR training
-November 10, 2011
Turned in our application! :)
-November 17, 2011
Our Caseworker Called!...but I missed the call, she was sick the next day and then Thanksgiving and Christmas happened. :(
-December 28, 2011
Called our caseworker again and finally set a date for the home study process to begin!
-January 4, 2012
We had our home visit and interviews. Everything went great! Read about it here.
-January 4 - Feb 21, 2012
We spent this time calling back and forth (mostly us trying to get a hold of our CW), trying to get our final reference form mailed out (I don't know that it ever did get mailed) and seeing when we could meet to go over our last paperwork/interview questions. And also trying to figure out what was left to do so we could get this process done! No one had mentioned anything about background checks/fingerprinting.
-Feb 21, 2012
We finally got to talk to our CW (we love her but they are just SO busy!) and set up an appointment to go in to fill out our last form (Parenting Questionnaire) for March 2 (so far away!). And asked about background checks/fingerprinting. She said she would get the fingerprinting set up and we'd get a call in a day or two to confirm.
-Feb 24, 2012
Talked to our caseworker again because we hadn't heard about fingerprinting and... *sigh*...for some reason they have to change over to completely different forms on March 1st and because we aren't approved yet all of our reference forms have to be sent out and filled out again on/after March 1st.Which means more waiting.
-March 2
Meeting with our CW had to be postponed. *sigh*
-March 30
We were finally able to meet with our CW and fill out our last forms. Yay!
-March 30
We were able to get fingerprinted the same day!
-May, June, July
waiting for approval...
-August 2
We got approved!!
-August 17
We picked up our first placement. Little1, you can read about him under our "The Littles" tab.
-February 2, 2013
We picked up 16month old twin girls (Ms Sassy & Ms Cuddles) who stayed with us for two weeks.
-March 4, 2014 
The twins came back and stayed about two weeks again.
-November 11, 2015
 We requested to close our home.
-August 2016 
Officially closed with the private agency.
-December 2016
Pursuing re-licensing with TN Department of Children's Services

Fertility Journey Timeline

-June 2009-May 2015
 Since our marriage on June 26, 2009 we have done nothing to prevent pregnancy, after about a year of marriage I started temping and tracking my cycles and we actively tried to conceive. We tried several different fertility diets and natural supplements and vitamins during these years. 
June 2015
initial consult with our fertility doctor
-June 2015
medicated cycle - failed
-July 2015
medicated cycle - failed
-Sept 2015
medicated cycle - failed
-March 2016
medicated cycle - failed
April 2016
-medicated cycle - failed
June 2016
-IUI #1 - failed
July 2016
-IUI #2 - failed
August 2016
-IUI #3 - failed
September 2016
-IUI #4 - failed
October 2016
-IUI #5 - failed
November 2016
-IUI #6 - failed
Jan 2017
-researching clinics around the U.S. to start IVF