Thursday, August 25, 2016

Third Time's a Charm!...hopefully

Stork Hoarding...I think it's a real thing.

We were gifted money this past cycle to do IUI #2...such a blessing! So humbling to have people love us so well. We decided to keep it mostly among us and family to lessen the stress and pressure of a lot of people "waiting". It was hard having so many people know everything every step of the way the first time so I wanted it to be as little stress as possible. Sadly IUI #2 didn't work either. *sigh*

We're moving on with #3 this cycle and I will share more here as we go through it but probably still not every detail. We're about a week and half out from doing the IUI (depending on my eggs being ready). Please be praying this one works. As we've heard several times already "third time's a charm"...Let's hope so!