Thursday, September 29, 2016

Another fail. Another heartbreak.

When the time is right, I, the Lord will make it happen. Isa 60:22

Well, another failed IUI but we are not losing hope! We will meet with our doctor soon but are hoping they allow us to continue on with another IUI this cycle while we wait (takes forever to get in to see her!). Pray that all works out, calling today to speak with a nurse.

This was a doozy of a cycle. We felt very hopeful and then I had a late period which of course got our hopes/hearts up even though tests were negative. I think it was probably the extra Clomid that made it so long.

Thank you for your texts, calls, prayers, and love. It means so much that you care. I'm sorry if I'm distant at times. Sometimes it's easier to be alone and not have to talk about any of it. . .and I cry quite frequently. Unless you've walked this journey of infertility, it's impossible to explain the never ending emotional roller coaster this is....with every.single.cycle.

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