Saturday, December 31, 2016

Another Fail, Regrouping

IUI number 6 was another big fat failure. We had originally thought we'd try a few more...but we are not doing another IUI this cycle and I believe we're done with them completely. I'm worn out and we're ready to try something new, with more of a chance.

We plan to both stay on our meds as we research and have consults with several clinics across the U.S. (NY, TN, VA, SC, maybe others) over the next couple of months. In the Spring we will move forward with either IVF or a new procedure we're looking in to.

I'm devastated these IUI's haven't worked. I did NOT want to get to the point we are at. I know no one does, no one even wants to be on this horrible journey...but we are. We were so full of hope one of these IUI's would work. After a few days of sadness and tears, I will find my courage again and be able to move forward and hopefully be able to get excited once this new journey starts.

Thank you for loving us well and walking along side us. I'd be lost without the support and love from family and friends through this.

Here's a really beautiful post I'd love for you to read: You Are Not Alone: Flying Together with Broken Wings

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