Thursday, February 2, 2017

IVF Update & Plan

Sorry for the delayed update! I've been spending any down time trying to figure all this IVF stuff out (it's a lot and so overwhelming!). Our phone call with Dr Kiltz went well. It was a ton of info in about 20mins. I feel like we've been processing it all and coming up with a plan ever since!  Most of it was stuff I had already learned from their website and several CNY Facebook groups I'm in (those ladies have been amazing with helping me figure things out!) but there was some new stuff too. 

Since then I've been in contact with my nurse through emails and phone calls and she's amazing! I got my whole medicine protocol (SO many meds!) and Ben and I have been researching the best places for me to get each one for the best price. Meds can easily cost over $4000 but we're figuring out ways to get them cheaper. Certain pharmacies offer different coupons and discounts. We applied to a program called Compassionate Care and got approved for a big discount with them. So thankful for that! I met with a new doctor this past Wednesday to talk about all the monitoring I'll need before we go to NY for my egg retrieval (probably 2-3 ultrasounds and blood work each time). Doing it with this new doctor instead of my current fertility doctor will save us about $500. Another big blessing! 

Because it takes a while to get meds (most you have to order from special pharmacies) and we wanted to shop around a little for the best price, we'll be skipping February and doing our IVF cycle in March. I'm sure it will be here before we know it! We are also moving in February so doing IVF the same month would have been stressful and I would have been pretty useless to help with anything! 

I'm starting to feel more excited and hopeful. I'm glad we aren't rushing in and have til March to figure out details. I'm still nervous about all the meds and side-effects and possible problems but I'm trying to stay positive and focused on hopefully getting some babies out of all this! The "what ifs" seem to be endless. But the hope for good things to come is greater than the fear (most days, I still cry my fair share of tears). 

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers and encouragement! Love you all! 

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