Monday, November 21, 2011

Dresser Re-Do

I'm working, slowly but surely, on decorating and setting up our foster room. Thankfully, we have been able to leave that bedroom empty since moving here this summer so it at least doesn't need any cleaning out! I've been storing some things in the closet but mostly it's just baby and toddler items I picked up this summer at yard sales.
After shopping around (mostly on craigslist) for a long dresser to makeover and use for the room and never finding anything I liked, I decided to makeover a tall dresser and nightstand we already had...which also saved us money. :) 

I sanded everything slightly...and I mean slightly.
I used white Krylon Fusion for Plastic to spray paint everything.
(I needed 4 cans and it could have used one more coat but I was done!)
After the drawers dried, I used Rust-Oleum Ultra Touch in green apple. 
This brand covered MUCH better and went on smoother. 

I also painted the hardware with the white spray paint...but I forgot to take pictures. It seemed to work fine.
Obviously, I don't use any of these yet but the paint seems like it will stay on well so I didn't cover it with any type of sealer/coat. This project was SO easy. I'm dying to find something else to spray paint now! I LOVED how they turned out!

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