Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Date Night

We have a date!! We have a date!! We.Have.A.Date.
Ok so it's not really at night but still...WE FINALLY HAVE A DATE! :) A date for our caseworker to come to our home and start the home study process. Eeeek! I'm excited and nervous all over again! It's next Wednesday at 11am so if you could, please say some prayers for us as we start another part of this licensing process. Thanks.

I was beginning to feel very discouraged about this whole process. A call on November 17th to start this next step and then nothing for over five weeks...*sigh* I know Christmas must be such a busy time for them but we are so ready and that stall just wasn't fun. I'm sure that is one small stall in what will be tons throughout our foster care journey but like I said before, we're working on our patience still. :) I wasn't going to call again until next week (to make sure the holidays were out of the way!) but Benjamin decided he'd call today in case she was in the office and she wasn't (or at least didn't answer)...BUT she called him back and now we're set for next week. Yay!

I'm still working on getting the house ready and finished. Thankfully we have a copy of the home safety checklist so I can make sure all of that is in order. I'm working on some art for the foster room so I'll show you that soon. :) Hope your holidays were  merry and bright!


  1. Patience is really the key. It took us a full year to get our license and then another full year until our first placement! Since here we are on our way to adopting our foster daughter, I would say all the waiting and frustration was worth it! Best of luck!

  2. We are praying and are so excited. I know God is control of the timing but boy, the waiting times in life are just *hard*. Thinking of you.