Monday, October 15, 2012

30 Days=6 Weeks...and that's ok!

Welp, we ended up having Little1 for a little over six weeks. We learned quick that timelines in foster care can change from day to day. :) What was supposed to be 30 days turned into six weeks. He went home about two weeks ago (wow, time flies). We enjoyed everyday of it! And miss him terribly! The house is so quiet now but he is where he belongs and I'm thankful we know he's just as loved and cherished at home.

We enjoyed visiting parks, going on nature walks, playing outside and teaching him new words everyday (he was in a blossoming stage with words!). He was so laid-back and easy-going. He learned quickly what "no fussies" meant and how to use words to get what he wanted...and his words are oh.SO.cute. He loved Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Little Einsteins...and so did I because it allowed me to cook, clean and do my bible study time without a toddler hanging on my legs and arms. ;) He was starting to develop a little sense of humor right before he left, so funny! He loved hugs and wrestling. He talked to himself (for like 30mins!) before falling asleep at naptime and bedtime. He is a beautiful little boy and we're so thankful he got to be a part of our lives for a bit.

Now, we're in the waiting stage again for another placement. Who knows how long that will be or when it will be a child we feel fits into our lives but we're ready for another call. Next time, I will *try* to do better about posting! Kids, they're just so time consuming. ;)

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