Monday, May 23, 2016

More testing

I've had a couple of phone calls with the financial consultant at our fertility clinic today. Blah! Insurance doesn't cover infertility so we pay everything out-of-pocket. We don't want this to be a source of debt so we save and do things as we can. Which makes the process even longer.
A few months back we decided that I would NOT have an HSG test (a dye test that sees if there are blockages in my fallopian tubes) because my ultrasound looked good and our doctor said it wasn't necessary even though she did recommend it. We talked through it all with her and she was fine with our decision...NOW our doctor is saying we really need to have it done before we move forward with doing an IUI (intrauterine insemination). Ugh!
Here are the price options:
Two outpatient places at $232 and $325 or we can have it done at our clinic for $475. Yikes. We're going for the cheapest but according to the nurse I talked to at our clinic this place doesn't always produce the best images so we run the risk of our doctor wanting a re-test which we will have to pay for again. Please be praying it only takes one test to get good images and also that everything looks good and is flowing freely so we can move forward with scheduling our first IUI. My appt for the HSG is Wednesday.

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