Thursday, May 26, 2016

HSG done!

 I was super nervous about the HSG procedure (the pain part, not really the results). Ppl keep telling me, "be sure you take some ibuprofen beforehand"...apparently it can be pretty painful during and/or afterwards. Thankfully I had my guy there for emotional support, a laugh, and as my DD to get me home! (pic from right before we went in)

It did hurt. Only when the dye was running through my tubes. which was fast, but it was very intense. I got a little dizzy afterwards and took a nap once we got home but so far not much cramping or anything else. Thanks for the prayers!

The results will be sent to our doctor at the fertility center and she (or more likely her nurse) will let me know what they find in a few days. Thankfully the doctor who did it was really nice and told me afterwards that it looked great and he saw no blockages. Yay!

Also, it was slightly cheaper than what I was quoted the other day. Woohoo! Before the HSG we went to our regular fertility clinic and I had a blood draw for some blood work to be done (just keeping up with my thyroid levels) and Ben had to get another semen analysis (because it's been so long since the last one) so total for today was $362 which was less than we were expecting to have to pay so it was a win there also!
Now we wait for our labs...

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