Monday, July 4, 2016

Follicle Check

So my follicles (what holds the eggs before release) aren't quite ready but there are two getting close! One is measuring a 12 and one is a 15, they like to see them at least at 18mm for the trigger shot.
The doctor feels good enough with things that we won't do another ultrasound check and I will just give myself the trigger shot Wednesday morning. Yikes. And then Thursday at 8am is Ben's appt for the semen wash (it takes about an hour) and then 9:30 is my IUI!

Pray for:
-the eggs to continue to develop as planned/predicted
-the IUI procedure to go smoothly
-for the egg(s) to get fertilized AND then stick to my uterus and then grow healthy and safe there for the next several month.

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