Friday, June 24, 2016

Moving forward

I'm pretty sure everyone I talk to asks "what's an IUI?"...and that's ok! I didn't know what it was before all of this either so just wanted to give you a couple of links in case you you want to read about how this cycle will look for us in great detail. 😉 You can read about it here and watch a 3D animation here

So obviously, we didn't get pregnant on our own this past cycle and we're moving forward with the IUI this current cycle. Sad and excited all rolled into one! After a lot of back and forth with the nurses who originally said "nope, can't do it this cycle. You have to meet with your doctor again first", that was NOT what I wanted to hear and did a lot of arguing! I recruited my prayer warriors and cried some mad ugly tears (thank you to those of you who pray, encourage, and lift me up). Finally late yesterday I spoke with the head nurse who said since everything looked good on our tests, she said we can move forward with the IUI this cycle and not have to meet with our Dr again yet. Hallelujah!
So now we're scheduled for an ultrasound around when I'll ovulate and hopefully an IUI in the day or two that follows. This will happen early July.
Prayer requests:
-that the timing works out ovulation wise
-that the IUI works on the first try
-for a healthy pregnancy and baby

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