Saturday, September 3, 2016


It has amazed and humbled me how in this hard, hard, journey family and friends have come along side us in the most beautiful ways. How so many are being tangled into this story of ours. The prayers. The financial gifts (we received more this past week and it came right on time). The calls. The messages. The texts. In the past I've been afraid to share because I don't want others to know our pain but y'all, God is showing me that in the pain there is beauty when you let people in to hold you up. To fill the gaps, not just of finances, but of faith and hope that there is good coming in our story. Thank you for loving us so well. For being in our corner. For being a part of our story.

Update: I will have a second ultrasound this Monday to know when to do the trigger shot and when the IUI will be. We had an ultrasound on Friday but it was too early to tell anything (we needed to have it so we would know how to move forward with it being a holiday weekend but they're expensive!).

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