Monday, September 5, 2016

More Waiting...

Well my ultrasound didn't show much of a change since Friday. For some reason my follicles (eggs) didn't respond like they have been to the Clomid. Only two grew 1mm since Friday (typically they are supposed to grow 1-2mm a day). They are putting me on three more days of 100mg of Clomid (a higher dose than what I normally take) and want me to come in for a third ultrasound on Friday. They said my ovaries are responding because I do have several follicles, they just aren't being as responsive this cycle for some reason. So more money and more waiting. 😩 Hopefully they will respond well by Friday and I'll be able to do the trigger shot and do the IUI Saturday.
They did say my lining has gone from 4.something on Friday to 6.9 today (so the red raspberry leaf tea and Pom juice I'm drinking everyday are working!).

Please be praying this extra dose of meds works and that we can move forward with things. And of course be praying for a successful IUI this cycle and healthy pregnancy ahead!

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