Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Pressing on...

First I just want to say thank you all for the prayers and love and support through my hard days. It means so much to have so many people who love me well and pray for us as we navigate this journey. Love you all so much!

A little appointment update:
I'll try to keep this short. We had a good meeting with out doctor today. We were told our greatest chance for having a baby (especially after 4 failed IUI's) is to do IVF. We have kind of known that from the beginning so it wasn't a surprise but it's still emotional to hear it out loud. We do know the reasons we can't get pregnant naturally but have chosen not to share the specifics of those with anyone. IUI's still had a chance of working, and still do.

We were able to ask a lot of questions about the whole IVF process and she was able to ease some concerns I had about the embryos. I was so worried that they would throw some of my embryos out and she assured me I'd have a say in anything that happened to them. That takes a huge weight off of me, I could never throw them away, even if there were genetic abnormalities. I feel like I could do IVF now if it comes down to that but we're really hoping it doesn't! IVF would give us about a 50% chance of working (IUI is around 10-20% each cycle) and while that is a much higher chance, that's still only 50% and for how expensive it is ($12,000-$15,000, maybe more), we just don't know if we want to try that route (yet). And it would be SO many more meds for me and just a lot to put my body through. The thought of my body on so many meds makes me cry...but I will do it if I need to.

As for our IUI's, she offered to switch me to injectable meds instead of Clomid but they run about $2,300 a cycle so because my body is responding well to the Clomid and Ovidrel trigger shot, we're sticking with those for now. Our plan is to do a couple/few more IUI's before even really moving forward with thoughts on IVF. So for now, IUI cycle #5 is underway!

Again, thank you for loving us so well.

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