Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Good News

SO Ben and I have both heard back about our different tests and everything looks great! My levels came back normal so I'll continue on the meds I'm on. Ben's tests came back great and he'll continue on his meds. Praise!! What does this mean? Not too sure. They are saying they want to do more (expensive) blood work on Ben but since his analysis came back well, he already told them we don't want to do those additional tests (they are super expensive). We'll see what they say. I'm guessing our doctor will want to do another consult. I'm planning to call and ask about our next steps.

So if everything looks good, why aren't we pregnant? Good question...we're guessing and hoping it's because we're just now reaching the point of our different meds helping our bodies reach good levels and working properly. Now that our bodies are where they need to be and doing what they need to do, hopefully we'll get pregnant soon on our own before we even get to the IUI step! That would be amazing. :) I'll update again once we know our next steps forward. Thanks for your support and continued prayers!

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